Cresswater Solutions
18 Forcefield Road
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Cress Water Solutions

Cress Water Solutions has specialised in the design, installation and maintenance of reed-beds, ponds and constructed wetlands for sewage and wastewater treatment for over 20 years.

We are a solutions focussed company committed to solving the many and diverse problems of sewage and wastewater treatment, of surface water run-off and site water management. Appropriately designed, our systems produce near river quality water on a long lasting sustainable basis.

Our highly effective bespoke systems are used to treat a range of different  polluting effluents from domestic sewage to dirty water run-off, leachate and industrial wastewaters for single houses, groups of houses, Hotels, Visitor Centres, etc. up to a large busy Motorway Services Area.

Reed-beds, also known as constructed wetlands, are a now well proven, sustainable, low energy, low maintenance solution for sewage and wastewater treatment. There are horizontal flow reed beds, vertical flow reed beds, sub-surface flow reed-beds, overland flow reed beds and reed beds with forced air ventilation. Each has a different purpose in the treatment processes. With these systems we can convert your wastewater, using natural ecological processes, into a non-polluting high quality effluent suitable for discharge into our rivers and streams.

Our mission is to help people take responsibility for their waste using sustainable, natural, ecologically friendly systems, and to demonstrate that wastewater can be effectively cleaned and converted into a resource whilst protecting our natural water resources.


“Water in the environment is like blood in the body: and ours is sick. The arteries and veins of our countryside, its rivers and wetlands, are suffering from the equivalent of low blood pressure and blood poisoning. The condition has developed over many years and treatment is now urgent”
Sir David Attenborough