Water Garden Landscapes - by Cress Water SolutionsEver thought of using a pond to collect your treated sewage effluent and rainwater in and using it as a reservoir to store water for watering the garden? At the same time you could create an attractive landscaped water garden enhanced with one or more water features. The sound of running water is soothing and relaxing.

Water Garden Landscapes - by Cress Water SolutionsAs indicated in the previous section ponds are natural treatment systems so they will help to purify the effluent still further. But, as you will remember, the effluent from our reedbeds, although clean, is nutrient rich and will tend to promote luxuriant plant growth. Adding rainwater to the pond will reduce this effect, yet by far the best method of reducing nutrient levels and keeping the water in the pond healthy is to install a water feature that keeps the water moving and oxygenated.

For all of our ponds installed after a reedbed system we recommend the inclusion of a waterfall, an artificial stream, or a Flowform Cascade and pumps to recirculate the water through natural gravel filter banks set in the margins of the pond.

We will be pleased to design and install your pond, whether small or large, or whether attached to a reedbed or not, complete with your chosen method of recirculating the water, and help you create that attractive water feature in your garden or park.

Water Garden Landscapes - by Cress Water Solutions