Waste Management by Cress Water SolutionsUtilising constructed wetlands it is possible to treat a wide range of domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural wastewater effluents to a high standard. Our mission is to design and install efficient, long lasting, natural ecological treatment systems that will produce a high quality final discharge which imposes minimal risk to the natural water environment. We aim to produce near river quality discharges.

Our armoury is comprised of a number of different techniques, used in a variety of combinations. Such techniques include passive reed-beds both vertical and horizontal, Forced Bed Aeration (FBA) reed-beds, wetlands and ponds.

Where space is limiting we will utilise compact package mechanical wastewater treatment plants often followed with reed-beds or ponds to produce high quality effluents.

In rural off-mains locations and full independence from cleansing service groups it is even possible to treat the sludge and solids from your septic tank using vertical flow sludge-drying reed-beds.