Commercial Reed-bed Systems by Cress Water SolutionsCommercial, industrial and agricultural wastewaters, which are generally much stronger than domestic sewage and can vary in quality on a daily and seasonal basis, can be treated with one of our bespoke reed-bed and constructed wetland systems.  Ponds are used to balance and mix flows in some cases.  The highly variable and unpredictable flows of dirty water run-off from farm yards, and hard impervious surfaces that are rainfall driven require the use of systems to slow down flow rates and mix the effluents.  Waste stabilisation pond and lagoon technologies are incorporated into our systems to provide workable solutions to meet these requirements.

Ponds combined with reed-beds are also used in our systems for removing iron oxides from leachate from redundant landfill sites.

Commercial Reed-bed Systems by Cress Water SolutionsThe effluents from small cottage breweries vary widely from one day to the next, both in quality and quantity, depending on the stages in the brewing and bottling processes. Ponds are again used to provide the means to mix these on a weekly basis to produce not only a more even biological loading but also a more balanced and even flow to facilitate and promote effective treatment.

In some cases where we deal with strong brewery effluents, dirty water run-off, parlour washings, etc., Forced Bed Aeration systems provide the answer.  FBA systems also provide the answer when space is limiting and the use of a package treatment plant can be avoided.

A characteristic feature of Visitor Centres, Caravan Parks, Motorway Services Areas, and Hotels is the wide variation in organic and hydraulic loadings that their treatment plants have to cope with daily and seasonally. With appropriate design our reed-bed systems provide highly flexible and resilient treatment processes that will tolerate and cope with wide loading variations.

Commercial Reed-bed Systems by Cress Water SolutionsCommercial Reed-bed Systems by Cress Water Solutions