CRESS WATER SOLUTIONS provides a range of reed-beds and constructed wetland treatment systems to suit the strength of the polluting wastewater.  Within the domestic market these range from those for cleaning surface water run-off, to those for treating the settled effluent from a septic tank.

For stronger wastewaters, such as farm dirty water and dairy parlour washings, or those from breweries, fast food outlets, such as Motorway Service Areas, and other commercial and industrial enterprises, or leachate from landfill sites, we use one of the more cost-effective combinations of waste stabilisation ponds, reed-beds and constructed wetlands sometimes in conjunction with submerged or biological aerated filter plants.

CRESS WATER SOLUTIONS’ systems produce treated water of a quality superior to that produced by any other treatment method.  The following standards can be consistently and quite readily achieved:

BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand):  <5.0 mg/l
SS (Suspended Solids):  <5.0 mg/l
Ammoniacal Nitrogen:  <1.0 mg/l

In most of our reed-bed systems we include a septic or settlement tank to capture solids.  They are usually designed to take the place of soakaway drains.  However, in remote locations, especially where septic tanks cannot be emptied, whole macerated sewage can be treated, or the solids and sludge can be treated separately.

All of our reed-beds, ponds and wetlands systems are individually designed to suit the type of waste water, and customised to fit the nature of the site, as well as to meet the particular requirements of each customer.

Reed-beds ponds and wetlands - by Cress Water Solutions