Surface water run-off and SUDS - by Cress Water SolutionsAs ever larger areas of our countryside are covered over with concrete and tarmac we can expect more flash floods and higher levels of pollution of our watercourses. It is imperative that we slow down and treat the surface water run-off from new and old developments alike.

CRESS WATER SOLUTIONS’ preferred soft engineering approach to this problem provides solutions using swale ditches, detention ponds, retention ponds, reed-beds, wetlands and other SUDs techniques, that are economical to install, environmentally friendly, ecologically sound and easy to maintain.

Where space is restricted we can also specify and install systems such as infiltration trenches, underground storage tanks and gravel treatment beds, taking a more engineered approach, that enable flood mitigation for run-off from sites through containment of storm waters and controlled release.

With sufficient forethought simple detention ponds, installed to settle out the high sediment loads in the run-off from work in progress on new development sites, can be sited for future incorporation into attractive landscaped aquatic features that will attenuate and treat the surface water run-off from the completed development.

The beauty of our reed-bed systems is their obvious simplicity, their ecological nature and their low cost. Being above or at ground level they are visible and accessible and, thus, easy and inexpensive to maintain.

Surface water run-off and SUDS - by Cress Water Solutions