For the treatment of medium to strong waste waters, pond-based systems incorporating waste stabilisation pond technology can provide a more cost-effective, low maintenance and sustainable solution.

Wetland areas planted with a range of willows and other marginal plants, when included in a treatment system, provide additional nutrient removal and polishing of effluents to near river quality standards.

About Ponds and Wetlands - by Cress Water Solutions

CRESS WATER SOLUTIONS’ pond systems combined with reed beds and constructed wetland areas produce highly effective waste water treatment solutions which are also able to:

  • Attenuate, mix and mitigate variable flow rates
  • Produce a quality of effluent suitable for recycling
  • Remove nutrients through biomass production
  • Reduce discharge volumes through percolation and evapo-transpiration
  • Achieve a seasonal discharge
  • Achieve disposal of all treated wastewaters on site

The effluents from these systems can be recycled to maintain ornamental and natural water features and for irrigation.  As a result the need to import clean white water for these purposes can be substantially reduced and significant cost savings made.

Through attention to design and landscaping details, reed-bed systems can be constructed to form interesting and varied ecological and wildlife habitats that could, in time, become wildlife sanctuaries and recreational amenities.

Pond-based systems, in contrast to reed bed systems, have a larger footprint, requiring in the order of 10-15 sq.m. per person equivalent.