Forced Bed Aeration

Cress Water Solutions has recently become licensed, through ARM Ltd, to offer Forced Bed Aeration (FBA™) technology which significantly increases the performance of constructed wetland systems. Developed in the USA by Naturally Wallace this highly effective technology has been in use for more than 15 years. Through our licence agreement with ARM we have access to a large body of information and expertise in the application of this technology that has been built up over that time.

Simply put the technology involves bubbling air up through the media in a reed-bed whether that is of the vertical or horizontal flow type. This hugely increases the oxygen transfer rate, makes the beds oxygen unlimiting and increases the treatment capacity by up to 15 times. As a result aggressive, strong effluents high in BOD, SS, Ammoniacal Nitrogen and other organic contaminants can be effectively and economically treated.

The big advantages FBA™ systems have over conventional reed-beds are their ability to completely nitrify wastewater and their much smaller footprint making them more of a practical proposition where space is limited. This technology can also be retrofitted to failing systems to significantly boost performance and enable environmental permits (consents) to once again be reliably achieved.

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